The Stress-Less Life With Dr. Yip – Ep.#14: What is OCD?

By July 1, 2017 September 7th, 2018 Season 2, The Stress-Less Life Podcast

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  • Heather says:

    Thank you so much for this episode! I have exactly the kind of harm OCD you describe that is concerned with harm to self. I’m constantly scanning my environment for people who are threats, and, thus, seeing threats everywhere, just as you describe. Almost all books and articles and podcasts on OCD focus on harm OCD where you feel like you will harm someone else, but none talk about what you describe here. I have received ERP and it is really helping, but it is still so good to know that this is a type of OCD other people experience, as well. OCD nags me that mine isn’t OCD, but psychosis, or that the thoughts are true because they don’t fit the typical categories I read about. Thank you for this podcast and for all you do to help people with this pesky voice in our heads!

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